Free Radio Mix Tape von TEAXTBEAK (USA)

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Mater Suspiria Vision – A giant snake that eats itself (feat. Shazzula, Ariana Papademetropoulos, How I Quit Crack, and Carmen Incarnadine) >Inverted Triangle II
    The Hope Blister – Dagger >…Smile’s OK
    Fil OK – The Hermitess >Neon Ghost
    LAKE R▲DIO – Always >Delta
    The Cure – Lament >Japanese Whispers
    Soundpool – Listen (Screen Vinyl Image) >Re-Mirrored
    decohere vs. the scinema – answer me
    Modern Witch – Desire >7" split with Os Ovni
    Cyndies – i scream
    Daniel Klag – With Domes and Pinnacles the Dreams Arose >Weird Fiction
    Party Trash – The Brood (∆AIMON RMX)
    SPC ECO – Forever Now Big Fat World EP
    HOLLAGRAMZ – Axis (Strange Powers Magnetic Storm Mix) >Remixed
    fostercare – hellwave >Heaven’s Gate
    OS OVNI – You Can Fall >You Can Fall
    Mascara / The Present Moment – Stealer >AMDISCS split with Drugs for Drunks.
    The Jesus And Mary Chain – Sidewalking >Barbed Wire Kisses
    o F F – J& >S E C R E T
    Offthesky – Poison prophets >The Beautiful Nowhere
    Field Rotation – Slumber >And tomorrow I will sleep
    Soft Metals – Psychic Driving
    CFCF – It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Games Remix ) >The River EP
    Gang Of Four – I Love a Man in a Uniform (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)
    !!! – Jamie, My Intention Are Bass (MF/MB/ Remix)
    Wire – Ahead >The Ideal Copy
    Black Devil – “H” Friend >Disco Club 12"
    Italian X-Rays – Strip Down >Kitsuné Maison
    The Chap – Ethnic Instrument >Mega Breakfast
    Cabaret Voltaire – Smooth >Colours
    Abe Duque – What Happened? >What Happened?
    Peter Uertz – Softcell

    I am happy :), peter
  2. CS1x

    CS1x .

    Ouhh der anfang ist wie ein Film, ein hammer :shock:
    höre wittter

    ach so ganz unten im Player war das mit 1:26:00 länge
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    war gut.