G-Force&Arkanoid on Acid Jack Rec. 001

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  1. Hi,

    G-Force ( aka Stanny Franssen) & Arkanoid had done a Acid epos on Acid Jack rec. The 13.2 Is a Cunt ! EP contains also a Citric Acid Remix

    Here are the Track names:

    Dirty 13.2 / Style = Acid
    Dirty 13.2 - Citric Acid Remix / Style Acid
    Analogue Alternative / Style= Detroit Acid, verry Deep

    The Wax is out now. The MP3 are still at Beatport .com
    You can listen to them direct at Beatport

    The wax can also be ordered by myself, just send me an mail .

    Price = 6,90 plus shipment ( Forum Members pay 6,00 plus Shipment)

    Back Label
    Front Label