[Haknam.Digi06] Lucid Intervals - Koda free download

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    Artist: Lucid Intervals
    Titel: Koda
    Label: Haknam
    Catalog: Haknam.Digi06
    Style: Techno Minimal
    Download:320kbps mp3

    1. Wave Pan (6:45)
    2. Howa (6:41)
    3. Strangraf (7:4:cool:

    First release of the Lucid Intervals project. After nearly one year of spontaneous production-meetings, Emad Parandian and Tim Dornbusch getting their first ep finalized which is now available for free download. Three minimal techno tracks with raw and analogic structured rhythms as well as deep soundscapes with percussionlines define this 3 track release.

    Das ist unsere letzte Release Meinungen zur Mischung, Verhältissen und wer weiss was noch alles nehmen wir sehr gerne entgegen.