Kawai 100 F

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  1. Hallo, hat jemand von euch schonmal so ein Ding kalibriert? Wie funktioniert das?


    Gruß Mike
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    At 15:27 2007-09-07, M.J.B. wrote:

    >I'm trying to tune my teisco 110f and having
    >A tech installed easy to get to tuner adjusters
    >for VCO 1 and 2 for functions such as tune adj,
    >range slope and kcv adj. I was able to tune VCO
    >1 at 8' to be in tune from both top to bottom,
    >but when I switch down an octave it is totally
    >out of tune.
    >I have the synth open, and a tuner...is it
    >possible one of you can guide me through the
    >tuning process.

    Wow, I tuned a beat-up 100F a couple of hours ago and happened to
    glance through the AH mail, which I normally don't. So I'm glad you asked! ;-)
    I've never met a 110F... the Teisco/Kawai 100F is just a 1-VCO synth,
    but the trimmer names seem identical, so I'll give it a try:

    1) First, adjust the KCV Adj to get the octave span right. (It sounds
    like you have this correct already, so don't touch it if you don't
    have to.) This pot determines how much the VCO senses the CV from the
    keyboard and CV-input.

    2) Then, adjust the Range Slope to get the Range switch give proper
    octaves. (This is probably your primary task.) This pot determines
    how much the VCO senses the CV from the Range switch.

    3) Last, adjust the Tune Adj with the tuning pot on the panel set to
    mid position, until the synth is tuned to A-440 or whatever you prefer.


    Actually, you should make sure the keyboard is calibrated first. On
    the 100F, this is how:

    0) Adjust the Key Slope Adj to make sure that the test point CP2 has
    exactly 4.000 V when no key is depressed.

    Maybe this is identical on the 110F, maybe not.

    And... even before this... hehe. It might be good to
    -1) check if the power supply gives the right voltages. The 100F has
    +15V, -15V, and a precision +10V. But... changing them might be a bad
    idea since other calibrations might get worse.

    >Since I had the synth, the
    >tuning has never been right. Which means I have
    >yet to really use this beautiful synth.

    Good luck! It deserves a better destiny! :)