Korg KR-55 Transformer

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  1. Pavan

    Pavan .

    My Korg KR-55 has always relied on an external AC/AC-transformer, but I want to connect the internal original KA-101 transformer.
    The original is still in there but no wires are, or has ever been, connected.
    Does anyone here has any info on how to connect it? On what I assume is the primary side there are four wires, a yellow, an orange, a brown and o black one.

    Thank you!

    (My apologies for writing in english)
  2. Eluis

    Eluis .

    my Kr55 works with 220V !
    For better contrast there´s a piece of paper underneath.
    Use it on your own risk.
    Regards Eluis


  3. Pavan

    Pavan .

    Thank you very much! :)

    I actually had already solved it when I saw your picture. But it confirms that I did correct when using only the black and orange coloured transformer wires!