Korg PS 3001, Honda MC-60WSA, Hirose Minicon 1300

Hallo Leute,

gaaaanz ruuuuhig, alles in Butter !!!
Wollte nur schnell alle Infos rüberkommen lassen und dachte ich mache lieber einen neuen Threat auf
damit die Suchmaschinen und damit auch unsere ausländischen Freunde es schneller finden können.

Hi all,

for those who are searching the items in the subject mentioned, here some usefull informations:

The intire cable might be impossible to find and the original connectors from Honda as well.
So here are some usefull informations for you.
Many Thanks to Lucas from gearslutz (and nowadays here) for the hint with the Hirose connectors.

http://mouser.com/catalog/specsheets/Hirose 1300 Series.pdf

In case of Honda MC-60WSA you would need the S-1360 SB if you find a company which is selling this.

Otherwise I found a small company in Korea which have this kind of connectors, they are very friendly and helpfull.
Their similar connector type is GMC-60SH which does fit but not look the same as the original.

Minimum order is 10 pcs complete which means connector and hood (see pic)
Price for one unit actual is 9,- US$
Payment is not so comfortable as you can't pay by credit card. Western Union or Bank transfer is the only way.
Please make sure befor order that they can send the package to your country by cash on delivery so you send the money complete for items and Post fee together if not. I got a small problem with it because he didn't knew he couldn't send the package to Japan by cash on delivery. The rest was really perfect and he took a lot of time to figure out the right item.

Contact adress is: goldconn2001@yahoo.co.kr (Mr. Lee)

Well, and to find a 60 core cable isn't that difficult .... so have fun with soldering !!! :lol:



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