Little Phatty overload also on Voyager?

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  1. Hi guys,

    when watching the LP video demo from Moog on YouTube ( there's a part around 3:30 where the filter is demonstrated with resonance and overload enabled. I just love that overloaded sound!

    My question is this: does the Voyager do this overloaded sound as well? I asked on AH some time ago, but I forgot to ask how it is done then. Afaik the Voyager doesn't have an overload knob. So do you simply crank up the mixer? And do you get the same kind of overload?

  2. Moogulator

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    yes, I'd say it like this: little phatty is a part of the v'ger in general... you can still feedback the filter via audio in etc.. overload is more like saturating the inputs, so it is not a problem for both..
  3. as far as i understand it the Filter overload kinda emulates the old MiniMoog trick where you overload the filter by routing the output of the moog back into the filter by using a cable.

    If the Voyager doesn´t have a dedicated button or mode you probably can use the trick mentioned above?
  4. Thanks for the quick response guys. So to be very clear: there's no way to get this overloaded sound on a Voyager without using an extra cable? You cannot get overdrive using the front panel alone?
  5. So to be very clear, i don´t know. One with a voyager at hand should jump in now ;-)
  6. The overload circuit is unique in the Little Phatty, the Voyager doesn't have something like that. And the LP overload is more than just a filter overdrive, so I don't think that it's possible to emulate it with the feedback trick.

    Here are some oveload audios:

    First clean, then increasing overlaod amount. Starts as a kind of saturation and shifts to nasty distortion when more resonance is added.
  7. Summa

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    Usualy you can drive the Filter circuits into Overdrive when their's enough Headroom in the Mixer Section of the Synth, at least that's the way it works for the Sunsyn. A dedicated overdrive/overload button make sense for user with less knowledge about analogue behaviour...
  8. Stefan!! :D

    That's bad news really. I love the OD feature and assumed the Voyager would be able to produce that too. Hmmm...

    Thanks for the sound demos, very nice and clear. When dialing in the overdrive, do you only get a few steps or is there a wide range of OD colouring available on the LP?

    You're gonna get one? ;-)
  9. Yes, and that what I expected from the Voyager as well. That would allow one to program the OD amount into the patch. No idea to what amount this is possible on the Voyager (if at all), and how it sounds. It's different from the LP, that's clear now, gee...
  10. Hi Robert,

    I don't know for sure if the Voyager can't, but I think that this circuit is newly designed for the LP.

    I'd say there is a wide range, but it can't always be dosed smoothly. I have the impression that there is a kind of treshhold, depending on the volume and frequency quality of the audio input, where the overload effect changes from smooth saturation to something unpredictable. What isn't bad at all, in particular if you use velocity on the filter, each played note will be different.

    There are so many things I'd like to get ;-)
  11. I understand. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Life's a bitch, ain't it? ;-)
  12. Wow! That looks like a LOT of fun!
    A wall of synths.... omg.
  13. Actually...Vintage Minimoogs aren't that expensive anymore nowadays. ;-) And you would get the "real package" :!: Filter OD, many knobs and that sound. [/quote]
  14. Sounds almost simple, heh. But no patch memories of course.
    The filter OD on an old Minimoog, how to create that? Using the extra cable? Or is it 'built-in' already?
  15. Do you really need patch memory? That's IMHO the only advantage of the Voyager and the Little Phatty over the orig. Mini.
    You can overdrive the Mini's filter in both ways. I personally prefer to overdrive the whole sound with a good analogue (tube-)preamp or distortion and rarely use the filter-OD "feature". But that's only a matter of personal taste.
  16. Rastkovic

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    It's an living legend... :roll:

    Wie würdest Du die Haltbarkeit einschätzen, und kann man ihn reparieren WENN mal was kaputt? Ist er den späteren Synths mit ICs z.B. im Vorteil oder sieht da die Lage ähnlich aus?
  17. Moogulator

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    ist reparierbar von gutem techniker wie rudi linhardt und co.. kein problem..
    it'S repairable eg by Rudi Linhardt etc.. no problem..
  18. One of the biggest reasons why I would get a Voyager or LP is the patch memory, yes. I have a modular synth here, so I'm used to synths with just a single patch memory, heh. But being able to store a nice patch and recall it later is nice for sounds I'd use on a regular basis, or for storing very weird sounds that are hard to remember. That's why I'd like the overdrive system to be part of the patch.
  19. Anonymous

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    Rob, dont´you think a good overdrive pedal, like the one you already have in your studio could do the OD trick on a Voyager for you, wouldn´t be the result the same?
  20. Hey Tom, long time no see. :roll:

    Nope, the result wouldn't be the same for me. You'd never be able to make a patch that greatly depends on a subtle overdrive setting, store it, recall it, and get the same great results. Too many depencencies, like send levels in the mixer, fx gear, you name it. And think of all the extra work when browsing through the patch banks.

    Also, if the LP filter overdrive setting is placed within the feedback (resoncance) loop, you wouldn't be able to get the same result with outboard gear.

    Anyway, I simply want Moog to add the overdrive from the LP to the Voyager. After all the color variations of the Voyager, I think it's time for a serious upgrade. ;-)
  21. Anonymous

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    LOL...that was a good one. Well, since the Vogy is almost half modular (with the VX breakout box) it shouldn´t be a problem to route the signal through your MOTM and OD it there...but yes that´s not so easily storable.