machinedrum os.1.33

List of changes from Machinedrum SPS-1 OS 1.32b to 1.33

IMPORTANT: Machinedrums past serial number H60502047-45 should NOT be
downgraded to OS versions below 1.31 because of internal hardware
updates incompatible with previous versions!


- MIDI Machines -

MIDI machines rewritten from scratch in 1.31 and now adjusted according to
user feedback step by step to this 1.33 release.

Description of updated MIDI machine behaviour:

To enable several MIDI machines assigned to the same MIDI channel to
cooperate the following rules have been set:

* If there is no lock or slide of a parameter, the first trigged MIDI machine
track controls the setting of the parameter value.

* If there is a lock or slide on the parameter the last MIDI machine track to
lock it decides the value.

* LFO's applied to MIDI machines are always added to the parameter value after
all locks and slides are applied.

- RAM machines -

Description of updated behaviour:

RAM play (P1 and P2) machines do not stop if a RAM Record (R1 and R2)
machine is trigged for recording.
However, the RAM play machine DOES stop if the associated recording
machine catches up with the audio replaying.
The RAM play machine also stops if the sample is played backwards into the
currently recording associated RAM record machine.

That means that if your pattern has a trig of R1 on track 1 and P1 on track
2, P1 will play what is being recorded with as little delay as possible. On
the other hand, if you have P1 on track 1 and R1 on track 2, if there is a
previous recording, P1 will play that instead. If the P1 machine plays
slower than the R1 recording machine R1 will catch up with it, P1 will stop,
and there can be an audible click.

If you have relied on Record machines stopping the play machines we suggest
that you instead try adjusting the hold time of the play machines.

Bug fixes

- CTR8P -

CTR8P machines did not display MIDI machine parameters. Fixed.

CTR8P machines did not display names of CTR8P parameters Fixed.
(Note! CTR8P machines cannot be chained together.)

CTR8P machine parameter PAR did not update when parameter TRK was
adjusted. Fixed.

CTR8P machine locks did not affect MIDI machines. Fixed

CTR8P machine locks on first step in pattern did not work in all
situations. Fixed

- MIDI Machines -

Midimachines set to the same track controlling common parameters
did not work well. Fixed

MIDI machine locks did not work on swinged notes when swing
exceeded 50% (IE, did not work on any swinged notes). Fixed.

- General -

Slides have been tightened up.

Slide sometimes stopped early if a slide in the opposite direction
was to be played immediately after. Fixed.

Swing set on the first step did not affect the trig immediately after
pattern play was initated. Fixed.

While in stop mode, and locks or slides were edited for the first step,
the locks and slides where ignored the first time the pattern was played.

Parameter locks on the first step lingered the first time played
in classic mode. Fixed.

Undoing a pattern clear removed the kit settings. Fixed.

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