Moog Film "Back to the Future Sounds"


Konnte hier in der Suche nix drüber finden, von daher poste ich das einfach mal...


"On January 19, 2015 Moog Music Inc. announced their plans to recommence a limited run manufacturing of three of their most sought after 5U large format modular synthesizers: The System 55, the System 35 and the Model 15. These three modular synthesizer systems were originally created and manufactured by Moog in 1973. To commemorate the announcement, Moog shot a short film at their factory about the inspiring and multifaceted relationship artists have with modular synthesizers. The video features electronic music pioneers such as Suzanne Ciani, Malcolm Cecil, David Borden, Dick Hyman and Herb Deutsch alongside performances on the new Moog modular systems by Holy Ghost! (DFA Records), Gavin Russom (ECSTATIC/Entropy Trax), Max Ravitz AKA Patricia (L.I.E.S./Opal Tapes/ Spectral Sound), Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Western Vinyl), Jacques Greene (Vase/LuckyMe) and M. Geddes Gengras (Stones Throw/Leaving). Each artist played a patch on one or more of the new Moog modular synthesizers recorded in one take with no overdubs."

Moog Modular Synthesizers:
David Borden:
Dick Hyman:
Gavin Russom:
Herb Deutsch:
Holy Ghost!:
Jacques Greene:
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith:
Malcolm Cecil:
Max Ravitz/AKA Patricia:
M. Geddes Gengras:
Suzanne Ciani: