New Synth Tech E950 Circuit Bent VCO!

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    The E950 is a 10HP DSP-based VCO that combines the famous "smooth morphing" of the E350 Morphing Terrarium with fully licensed 'Speak & Spell' technology from Texas Instruments.

    The E950 has 4 banks of speech ROM data, which is provided by Texas Instruments under an exclusive license agreement. The E950 then applies proprietary 'bending' algorithms to behave exactly as a standard "bent" Speak & Spell and then extends them to real-time modulation of the internal lattice filter coefficients, something that cannot be done normally.

    Estimated December 2015 ship date. $199 60 mA +12V 17 mA -12V

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    OH, whoops! :eek: I should have put this in the Eurorack modular section! :selfhammer: Could a moderator please move this thread to the eurorack modular forum please?

    MOD: done!
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    Here's a video I just did using a beta test sample of the E950. You may notice that the panel has changed a bit since more VCO banks and voice/speech sets have been added! And I'm told more improvements are coming!

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    Thanks for sharing this awesome video !
    Great song, too :phat:

    it´s hard to wait until mid of december (announced release Date)