Nord Modular G2-Patches umwandeln, mittels Csound auf dem Rechner nutzen - Umwandeln v

"Anyway, Gleb Rogozinsky, Mihail Chesnokov, and Eugene Cherny, all of St. Petersburg, had a terrific idea. They chose to simulate the behavior of the Nord Modular G2 synth itself, and translate its patch files into use as Csound – the powerful, elegant free software that has a lineage to the first computer synth.

The upshot: patches (including those you found on the Web) now work on any computer, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Linux machines like Raspberry Pi – for free. And the graphical editor that lets you create Nord Modular patches just became a peculiar Nord-specific editor for Csound. (Okay, there are other visual editors for Csound, but that’s still cool, and the editor is still available for Mac and Windows free from the original manufacturer, Clavia.)"

Link zum Paper:
pch2csd: an application for converting Nord Modular G2 patches
into Csound code
[Proceedings of the 14th Sound and Music Computing Conference]
Habs noch nicht getestet (und habe gerade im Moment keine Zeit dafür), daher kann ich dazu keine detaillierte Tips geben.
Man muss wohl Python und pip installieren, das Paket von github runterladen und es kompilieren.
Hier ist der Link zu github: