NTH braucht 15 000 $ für einen neuen Synth

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    Developers Kevin Holland and John Staskevich have officially introduced the  NTH Music Synthesizer, a ‘fun-to-use, sonically-rich, hackable music synthesizer’.

    The Nth Music Synthesizer features digital oscillators, an analog low-pass filter, an integrated step sequencer and MIDI I/O.

    Back in November, we had a sneak preview of the Nth Synthesizer. Now, Holland & Staskevich are planning a Kickstarter project to fund the production of the new synth, starting February 2, 2012. Upon successful funding, production of the NTH will begin and the design will be open-sourced.

    Audio examples, product photos, and additional documentation can be found at the NTH website,
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    15 000 $ für einen neuen Synth
  2. beaty

    beaty -

    Für $360 (derzeit=273€)
    "LIMITED - FULLY ASSEMBLED NTH including PCB and laser-cut, laser-etched clear acrylic enclosure. Plus an NTH t-shirt, NTH Design Source Package on flash, and inclusion on the backer list. (International orders add $60.)"

    Was passiert eigentlich wenn man das Geld gibt und das Projekt kommt nicht zustanden?
  3. beaty

    beaty -

    "If I make a pledge, when is my card charged?

    If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged. That's why we call them pledges."
  4. Ja, und immerhin sind sie schon bei

    PLEDGED OF $15,000 GOAL
  5. ich könnt auch Geld für n neuen Synth gebrauchen ... :selfhammer:

  6. Wieviel brauchst du denn :mrgreen: ?
  7. ich wollte 3 Serge Panels

    also so 9000€ sollten langen :mrgreen:
  8. Hier verkauft ein Kollege eine Serge Fun Station für den Preis .

    Sonst die NTH haben ihr Geld, warum machen wir das nicht mit anderen Synths ... :floet:

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