Ohmforce Universal Binary on 6/6/6

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  1. tomcat

    tomcat ..

    The 6/6/6 will be a great day for Ohm Force. We've sacrified two developers in order to obtain new versions of our products: the few but rare bugs have been fixed, new functionalities added, installers rebuilt, and finally, the big news is they're Universal Binary on AudioUnit!
    However, they will only be available as "release candidates", which means they've successfully gone through all our tests, but may still encounter a few obstacles.
    So see you on the 6/6/6 for a major update !

  2. Ermac

    Ermac ..

    Supported by Keyboarz & Arctic? :)))
    Sorry, aber der musste sein!
  3. tomcat

    tomcat ..

    Die habens vermutlich schon ;-)
  4. tomcat

    tomcat ..

    Die habens vermutlich schon ;-)