Schutzkontakt - Schuko EP [12" Vinyl, Digital, Techno]

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  1. Mal bissle Eigenwerbung für unsere Debut EP als Schutzkontakt:



    "Schuko EP is the second release from the Lyon (France) based label aiia Recordings, which without surprise is still speaking about techno. The release is signed by the german duo Schutzkontakt, with one member from Dualit, who uses violent and reverbing kicks on Konter and Latenz, completed by a deep and sweet melody on Frage, whether by different layers of indus samples. The most relevant feeling by listening this four-track EP is that it brings you between hard and soft moments, but still in a mighty state of mind, thanks to the intensity put by Schutzkontakt in Schuko EP. Even if everything slacken when Zyllinder comes with its more groovy and acid rythms after the two precedent techno indus tracks."
  2. Zylinder gewinnt. Nicht ganz so derb böse wie die anderen. Die fetzen aber auch. VIel Erfolg mit der VÖ
  3. Sekim

    Sekim |

    Zylinder ist mein Favorit, aber auch die anderen sind gut.