someone here at Myspace?

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  1. I got an account there

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  2. got multiple accounts at myspace

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  3. what is myspace? no, thank you

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  1. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    here's a list of our music proifiles at Myspace..

    my synthpop and industrial ebm stuff.. mind movie sound..
    called CONSEQUENCE, but myspace killed the profile so I used consequential in here..
    moved to this one:
    a bit more abstract beats

    thats our german language magazine.. so maybe not so important for english speaking ppl.. (printed)

  2. Xenox.AFL

    Xenox.AFL bin angekommen

  3. thedi

    thedi Tach

  4. feilritz

    feilritz Tach

    It´s there !
    just !
  5. andyr1960

    andyr1960 Tach

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