Spring 08?

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  1. Hallo! First I would like to excuse that i don't write in german, but my german gramma is very bad!

    The case is: That me and two freind's have agreed to visit Berlin next spring. And we wont to play some music (Noise, electronica, indie ect.), and we are searching both a place to live, and some people to play/jam with. We are willing to pay for food and a bed. It could be real cool, to hook with some of our german nieghbours!

    About us:
    Age: 20,21,22
    Sex: 3 times male
    We got our own gear. Guitars, pedals, synths and so on.
    We speak English and a bit German.
    We can cook food ;-)
    More information on request!

    Links to our projects:


    If it could be interesting to have three young danish guys hanging around for a week or two, or just a couple of days, then write a mail to andre (((dot))) falsig (((at))) ofir.dk. The exact date is a bit up to you, we don't have any plans in the spring. Write us if it sounds interesting, and drop some info about yourself! :D

    Greeting, André from Denmark!
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    I've been so free (to translate a usual german phrase) to encode your e-mail address in case that spambots read this text.
  3. Thx, nice one! :)
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    maybe leave it here to check, the OT Section may push it back into the dark too soon ;-)

    be welcome..

    hm, it's hard these days to just play or even gat paid for music, but there are some jams here and there..

    I really hope some1 will have room for you.
    maybe the german ppl are a bit shy about these things, but..
  5. Allright. We don't need any money for playing, we will play for fun. :) It could be very cool, if this will work... Somehow!
  6. Hi again, someone from Berlin wrote an Email to me (David, I think), but I can't get in contact with him again, somebody please help! :)
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    Hello.. its me ;-)
    you got PM