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  1. Hi Everyone,

    First time for me posting on

    wanted to ask for some advice..

    so i was considering going to do an audio engineering course at SAE berlin this year but i have heard some negative reviews about SAE in general. I was wondering if anyone has done the course in berlin themselves and could share your experience, as the fees for the course are around 17,000 euro for the diploma which is alot of money! i dont necessarily want to get a job as an engineer in a studio, but rather to gain technical knowledge for recording, mixing and engineering for my own personal productions.

    A friend said i should look into doing an unpaid internship at a recording studio.. could anyone recommend any english-friendly studios for potential internships in berlin? my german is awful, but im learning... :rtfm:

    any information would be greatly appreciated!

    greetings. :nihao:
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    Most studio owners have to speak english every day in their job. So language shouldn't be a problem.

    As far as i know there is also a course of studies called "Elektroakustik" at the TU Berlin which could be interesting for you. Correct me if i'm wrong, but unless the TU is a regular university it is financed by taxes and you only have to pay an administration fee (which should not be more than 100 Eur per semester).

    Have a good time!
  3. fanwander

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    The SAE is not that bad as the rumours say. But it depends competely on the student, whether he is taking advantage of the courses or not. You won't be forced to do more than your necessary home work. You pay, and that is enough...
  4. thank you for the reply's! :supi:

    in regards to TU, i cant find anything on that course on there website....
    however this cource does look interesting to me but i think it has already commenced ?

    I have searched for other university's in Berlin but they don't seem to offer anything taught in English unfortunately.. and i don't think i could keep up in lectures in German etc right now..

    and in regards to SAE i have heard the same response from others... and i agree, but i am wondering if it will be better for me to spend 17,000 euros on gear and try intern in a studio and teach myself..

    I just really don't want to spend so much money especially if theirs not much technical theory being taught, which i heard that there isn't.

    hmmm any thoughts? :?