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  1. ...wer kein Englisch kann oder will, dem hilft entweder Google-Translate, oder fragt mich und wenn ich Zeit finde schreibe ich das alles nochmal auf Deutsch :mrgreen: ...


    Our second album 'wdpd' - what do people do - has been released today!

    The album is released to the public via Bandcamp at our site http://o8o8.bandcamp.com, where you can listen to and share it.

    Via Bandcamp our album is also available as high-quality-audio digital download or as 500 pieces limited edition, factory-pressed CD with four-colour-booklet.

    About the wdpd-album:

    ...ever-evolving life seems at the same time endless and running in circles - while having a defined beginning and end...

    • the • o8o8 • project • worked for more than two years on this album, shedding sprinkles of music on this huge and all comprising topic, with a strong focus on random answers to the question of

    'what do people do'.

    We thank all the nice people who followed and supported us, and even joined in to make the project happen, like Gordon Charlton providing the lyrics to the title track 'wdpd' and the track 'bradley', Randy George for his theremin and toy-harp contributions to the track 'free', Chuck Heard for the guitars on 'you better know', Gabriele Brigante for his drumming on the tracks 'gecko' and 'circle', Sandro Distefano for the guitar on 'circle' and finally Antonio Campeglia (Age Of Audio) for the professional mastering of the album.

    Special thanks go to the gecko for his patience!

    See http://o8o8.de/?/blog/wdpd-album-release/ for further information.

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    Sehr schön habt ihr das gemacht!
  3. ...Danke für's Reinhören :mrgreen: ...
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    Ich will eine. Aber nur mit Autogrammen der Künstler :school: ;-)
  5. ... :mrgreen: Danke! - das ist gut für's EGO :floet: ...

    ...mit Autogramm muß ich sie aber aus der Folie auspacken...und ich krieg' nur Fabios und meine Signatur in vertretbarer Zeit :oops: ...
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    Egal, Gib ne PM mit Kontodaten und Betrag X wenn du alles zusammen hast :)