Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell 'Morphogenic'(DiN41) Out Soon

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  1. Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell - 'Morphogenic'

    DiN41 | 2012 | Limited to 500 copies

    Release date 30th October 2012


    Morphogenic sees a new collaborative project on the DiN label, although the name of Parallel Worlds should be familiar to DiN aficionados due to the two solo albums Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26) & Shade (DiN32) as well as the more recent collaboration with DiN label boss Ian Boddy on Exit Strategy (DiN37). Dave Bessell is, of course, a new artist to join the DiN roster, although his name should be familiar to lovers of analogue electronica due to his contribution to the almost legendary band Node. One of the four founder members of this group, Dave is also joined on the track Heterodyne by Ed Buller the world renowned producer and master of the art of sequencing large vintage modular synths.

    Bessell has a formal education in classical composition and these skills blend perfectly on Morphogenic with the intricate, sequenced rhythms of Bakis Sirros aka Parallel Worlds. Whilst the eight tracks have all the fluidity and organic feel of analogue synth dominated pieces, they have a shape and form to them that make them fascinating compositions. As well as joining Sirros in the analogue arsenal with his mighty Macbeth M5n, Bessell also provides some very effective and unusual guitar backdrops. Bakis made extensive use of Serge, Buchla and Oberheim synths in this recording which contribute to the warm and organic soundscapes. Bessell also writes custom software that is employed to great effect in providing unusual and detailed textures through which the incessant, complex rhythms and beats of Sirros rise and fall.

    further details and clips here:

    All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Bakis Sirros & Dave Bessell between April 2011 and April 2012, except track 6, by Bakis Sirros, Dave Bessell & John Sirros.

    Bakis Sirros: Euro/Doepfer, Serge, Buchla 200e modulars, MS20, Odyssey, Xpander, 4Voice, string machines & software.

    Dave Bessell: Macbeth M5n, Gibson Les Paul & custom software.

    Ed Buller: Moog modular on track 7.

    India Czajkowska: Flute on track 4 and processed voice on track 6.

    Federica Rubino: Bowed double bass on track 4.

    Mastered by Ian Boddy July 2012.

    for the gearheads, the analogue machines used in the album, in detail:

    Euro/Doepfer A100, Serge modular, Buchla 200e modulars, Macbeth M5n, MS-20, Arp Odyssey, Oberheim Xpander, 4Voice, OB-8, OB-Mx, Korg Trident, PE-1000, Moog Opus-3, Dotcom modular, Roland SH-7, System-100m, System-100, CR78, Boss Dr55, Metalbox, Blacet modulars, Analogue Systems Integrator modular, Technosaurus Selector modular, Waldorf Microwave 1, Moog Modular, Tape Echoes.

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    and a video from one of the album tracks (Corruption) :

    lots of Serge and Eurorack / Doepfer and various other modulars / analogues in the track of course.

    all, or most drums, made with modulars and analogue sequencers of course (main drums are Plan B Model 15's passed thru Makenoise QMMG lpg's...)
    plus further software manipulation with Ableton Live, and other elements plus Guitar from Dave Bessell.

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    Morphogenic (DiN41) by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell is now available for purchase on CD via the DiN web store.

    also, available for purchase as a digital download via the DiN Bandcamp store.

    on the Bandcamp website, you can listen to the WHOLE album before buying it!

    great new review of Morphogenic (5 out of 5 stars) : ... ssell.html
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    Re: Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell 'Morphogenic'(DiN41) Out

    Falls jemand noch frisches Futter für den CD-Player sucht: Das ist eine geile Scheibe! :phat:

    Dark-Frickel-EM, oder wie soll man das nennen? ;-)
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    glad you like it. :)