Alio Die | Parallel Worlds - Circo Divino album Out Soon!

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  1. HIC SUNT LEONES presents:

    ALIO DIE | PARALLEL WORLDS Circo Divino (HSL055 and HSL055LP)
    CD - 6 side Digipack, 180gr VINYL.

    Release Date: 20th of April 2010


    This is the first collaboration by ambient master Alio Die with soundscape creator Parallel Worlds.
    The unique sound achieved could be described as a hybrid sonic world, made out of bouncing electrons and air vibrations.
    The modular machines of Parallel Worlds are merged with the acoustic instrumentation and drones of
    Alio Die, joined by the ethereal voice of the Polish vocalist/composer India Czajkowska, resulting in a surreal, yet down to earth, listening experience.
    The compositions, being, at times, minimal and calm and, at other times, full of mystical darkness and microsound elements, take the listener into a place were mental and physical boundaries have no need to exist.

    The beautiful Digipack artwork is by the painter Romanie Sanchez.

    1 Lost Fractales
    2 Circo Divino
    3 Nuvole di Palissandro
    4 Sorinel
    5 Electrostatic Forest
    6 Slide of Grace

    All tracks composed and produced by Bakis Sirros and Stefano Musso
    (BMI) between 2008 and 2009, in Milan, Italy and Athens, Greece.

    Parallel Worlds : Doepfer A100 modular, Serge Modular Music System, AS Integrator modular, Metalbox/CGS modular, modified Oberheim 4-Voice, modified EMS VCS3, String machines, Tape Echoes, Tone & CV generators, wave shapers and modifiers.

    Alio Die: Drones and Loops, Zither, Carillon, Effects and Treatments.

    Voice and effects on tracks 1,3,4 by India Czajkowska recorded in
    Verezzi, Italy.

    Mastering by Stefano Musso at Temple Studio, Milan.

    Cover pictures by Romanie Sanchez

    CD and Vinyl Limitation: 500 copies each

    MP3 clips here:

    Please order at:
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    Re: Alio Die | Parallel Worlds - Circo Divino album Out Soon

    Ich habe mir mal die MP3 Demos/Schnippsel angehört und finde das nicht toll. Für mich klingt das wie eine Sammlung von Klängen die abgespult werden. Mir fehlt da das Gefühl für Musik drin. Vielleicht geht das ja aber nur mir so oder das ist gewollt, es klingt gut, aber irgendwie unmenschlich und mehr nach irgendetwas von Außerirdischen produziertes als von Menschen. Finde das alles recht kalt und leblos, wie von Maschinen für Maschinen produziert. Aber wie gesagt, vermutlich geht das nur mir so.
  3. Re: Alio Die | Parallel Worlds - Circo Divino album Out Soon

    another great review:

    "On 'Circo Divino' the Greek Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) and Italian Stefano Musso - who we know better then Alio Die - takes us on a journey through a clash of cultures. Whereas we know Alio Die mostly from his ethnic etherial ambient soundscapes, the two decided on incorporating those sounds with the modular synthetic sounds for which Bakis Sirros is know.

    Pictures of the journey are depicted in six tracks where you travel from Greece to Italy in under an hour, or maybe it's a journey from an Arabian sunset to the factory outside town.

    This one is quite hard to describe: In ethnic ambient there are just a few names which are way on top of everyone else, and Stefano Musso is one of them. And even though I hadn't heard his name before, my peers guarentee me that Bakis Sirros is an absolute master when it comes to modulair synthesis.

    The album as a whole is very good, albeit in the genre of ethnic ritual ambience. For my personal taste the electronic sounds either got lost in the mix (which would be a shame) or they sound so amazingly organic that I can't tell the difference.

    The grading would be 70 in the first case, 90 in the latter. For now 80 / 100 will emphasize it's class."

    rating 8 out of 10.

    FYI: only 10 cd's are left in my stock.
    after these are gone, you'll only be able to buy Vinyl from me.

  4. Re: Alio Die | Parallel Worlds - Circo Divino album Out Soon

    Na ich glaube das Forum hier ist für son eindimensionales Dark-Zeug die falsche Adresse. :gay:

    Und überhaupt ... wen interessieren denn heutzutage noch sog. Reviews. Es weiß doch jeder wie sowas zustande kommt. :roll: