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    ok, since we got the top20 of your personal choice here's the ultimate and "encyclopedia"-compatible highly official one..

    the emotional and personal top10/20 is here:

    and of course: I do not doubt any1 choosing the Minimoog on #1 here, or any other comments?

    whats on 2?)

    so lets try it:

    1) Moog Minimoog - is that right? it's the best known synths, it's famous and lots of bands used it, it's obviously a legend!!

    2) it's hard to say.. I 'd try the FM Synths, the Moog Modular or the ARP2600 or Odyssey.. any ideas, what deserves this spaace most?

    3) suggestions here?

    I try to put it up from the top.. is that ok?..

    So, this is for the Experts, please tell your opinion and please be sure you know about this synths you are talking about.. it's NOT about own it or not.. it's more "historically".. I am SURE, it is hard to get.. but let's try if it is POSSIBLE?

    Some Ideas, which Synths must be in here: PPG and Waldorf Wave, Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim Xpander/Matrix12 , possibly SEM, OBX (or preferable the OBXA?), OSCar, EMS VCS3/AKS (count them in at the same place for both versions, Moog System 55, Roland SH Series (which one? I'd go for the System 100 historically more important than any other SH one or/and System 100m and 700, D50, DX7, Korg 800DV, MS20, Memorymoog? some more Korg? YAamaha? ARP MUST be in here imo it's the ARP2600 possibly slightly above the Ody? !! and more.. so will be hard.. since they are all enjoyable.. imo the MUST be a Roland in that List, at least I'd guess: the System 100m or 100 or the Jupiter 8 will have their places in a top20 for SURE.. I am synthpop influenced, so I am rolandized?..
    I'd expect one of them on the first 3 or 4 ranks..
  2. Jörg

    Jörg |||||

    Even the "encyclopedia kind" will be highly subjective... I only say "Proteus"! ;-)

    Well, anyway, here ist my list of today:

    1. CS80 --> well... :cool:
    2. DX7 --> ruled the market long enough to be in the list
    3. Minimoog --> the "standard" synth for a long time
    4. Moog Modular --> introduction of voltage control
    5. ARP 2600 --> introduction of the semi-modular concept
    6. Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 --> polyphonic and with memory
    7. Korg M1 --> the first "workstation"
    8. Akai S1000 --> the first affordable high quality sampler, the "studio standard"
    9. Fairlight CMI IIx --> introducion of sampling
    10. Roland JD-800 --> the return of the knobs
    11. (to be continued ;-) )

    If you ask me tomorrow, the list will be different! ;-)

    Some of the models you listed are not really "top" IMHO, like the Oscar, Roland SH series, Korg 800DV, Memorymoog, ...
    Why include a Roland SH in the list? :dunno: I guess I´m not rolandized. ;-)
    Perhaps the SH-1000, the first synth from Japan.
  3. I'm a digital guy, so no. It's not on my personal list at all. BTW, what sort of "official" list should that be? Based on sales figures, or based on highly subjective views?
  4. Jörg

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    The "most important" perhaps. :dunno:
    And such a list without the Minimoog would be unthinkable. ;-)
  5. Moogulator

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    it's hard to say, but historical importance should be the right word for it..
    of course it should not be the personal view but try to get it to something like the best -we-can -do list of important classics that lets the ppl cry as little as possible because it is simply correct.. it's more about listing the most important ones, not about how it sold but it's importance today and in a historical view of the things incl. use of them by musicians etc.

    I assume the DX7 and Minimoog must be in.. in this case everyone must calm down about own faves (thats what the normal "my fave" lists are for.. but this one is harder to say, I assume it will take some time, possibly it is impossible to list even the first 10 (imo it is not so important if a synth is on #3 or #4.. but it is important to be on the list and if it's #1 or #10 or #20..)