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    Thesis is the second release of Impulsive art, yet the first compilation album. -Deeply dedicated to the experimental – electronic scene brings you a brilliant and unique collection of sound-works by some of the best artists of the scene

    Thesis features sound compositions by Andrey Kiritchenko , Mad EP, Keef Baker, Larvae, Spyweirdos, Moogulator, Atmogat, Tapage, Mobthrow, IP Neva, Abstractive Noise abd Nole Plastique
    (mit audiodemos dort)

    Track list

    01.IP Neva | Artificial Crisis
    02. Moogulator | Iron triangle
    03. Atmogat | Distorg
    04. Tapage | Last Inhale
    05 Mobthrow | Xsozheim
    06.Abstractive Noise | Charnel’s Insects
    07.Keef Baker | Sapphire
    08. Mad EP | Wahnbriefe
    09. Larvae | Shogun
    10.Nole Plastique| Bright Sight
    11.Andrey Kiritchenko| A Vesper
    12.Spyweirdos | The Oldest Door

    Achja, das hier noch dazu. Vollständigkeitshalber. ... se/2008588
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