[tisch16] quite-k - broken bubble in the box

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    Artist: quite-k
    Titel: broken bubble in the box
    Label: tisch-records
    Katalog-Nummer: [tisch16]
    Style: abstract / experimental / minimal / tech
    Homepage: tisch-records

    Long Time;
    server down;
    Back again;
    new artist;
    new release;
    1 new track plus;
    2tracks re-released;

    supported by:

    Le k (circus company/ floppy funk)
    Fantastic dark & complex tracks!
    textures and beats are really good, and give an original athmosphere to the tracks.
    Will play it for sure!

    s-tek (bangbam records/tribetoolz)
    neo where are you...
    this is return of crazy musicmaking machines.
    industrial noises and freaky sounds meets solid bassdrums and dark spheres.
    my fav is track 3 called "broken bubble in the box" with his spookie detroit flair.

    01.quite-k - just looppin
    02.quite-k - birth of the freak
    03.quite-k - broken bubble in the box

    #### big hugs and respect to psycoded for gfx work####