[tisch79] chris van oz - schauermaerchen ep

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  1. Artist: chris van oz
    Titel: schauermaerchen ep
    Label: tisch-records
    Katalog-Nummer: [tisch79]
    Style: accoustic
    Homepage: tisch-records.org


    the schauermaerchen ep is a story of a little boy.

    on the -first track- he is walking through a castle somewhere in the scotish outbacks. its a dark and rainy day, without any moon light.

    on the -second track- the little boy arrived at the huge, big castle door. he knocked at the door, a grumpty old man opend the door and aksed: "may i help you, master". the little boy laughed and wisperd:"i have been invited by lord malcolm".
    so he entered the castle.

    on the -third track- the little boy went into the salon, to wait for lord malcolm. he heard many strange sounds and felt that somebody looks at him. he get scared.

    on the -fourth track- the butler went back to the salon and said:"lord malcom is ready for receiving you. the little boy followed the butler, to make the last step: enter the room to meet lord malcom.

    on the -fifth track- the little boy entered the room. the fight can begin.

    # enjoy this wonderfull accoustic ep


    schauermaerchen 1

    schauermaerchen 2

    schauermaerchen 3

    schauermaerchen 4

    schauermaerchen 5

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