Waldorf Q rack repair

I have a Waldorf Q rack that has a "shift" button that does not work well so it may need to be replaced. I have removed the 20+ screws that hold the board supporting the faceplate but the faceplate still will not separate from the circuit board underneath it.

Thanks if you can help me with a photo of the top of the rack with the front plate removed. Or a referral to another person or forum to ask. It is a great sounding synth. But it requires holding down both the "shift" button and the "sound" buton to store any patch changes I want to save. The bad "shift" button makes it difficult to store any changes to the current program.

I was referred here by the Facebook "Waldorf Q" group.
Hi, I have also had an issue with a shift button on my mQ-Keyboard not working properly. As far as I can tell from the mQ-Keyboard, the face plate can be easily removed and the button is soldered in with 4 solder points. It is a standard item that can be found in any electronics shop and easily be replaced. Unfortunately I cannot give you more advice how to unscrew the Q, but I am certain, that it is not difficult, once you have figured out how. Waldorf synths have the great advantage to use pretty common components.

Oh, and by the way:
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Thanks for your quick response. I can get sounds to store but only after 5 or 6 attempts of pushing down the shift + store buttons together. I ordered the replacement buttons from Mouser Electronics in the US and they are coming tomorrow (Mouser #688-SKHHAK). I ordered enough to replace the six multi function buttons on the upper right hand side of the Waldorf Q rack. This button problem is the only issue. I just thought I could get my tech person some additional informaion before I take it to him to do the surgery. I tried to open the Waldorf Q rack so I could apply some "Deoxit" to the button instead of having the button replaced. By the way, the manufacturer ALPS # is SKHHAKA010. I assume the buttons for the Micro Q and the Q are the same but I am only guessing. I got the part number from a post on tne Gearslutz.com forum. I am thankful to all the people who have shared their knowledge on these forums.

There is a video on Youtube that shows how to open the Waldorf Q keyboard ("Waldorf Q classic blue How to open"). Also there is a video on Youtube which shows the inside of the Waldorf Q rack but it doesn't show the area under the faceplate ("Waldorf Q rack - Synthinsider #6').
OK - I got the Waldorf Q rack faceplate separated from the controller board. It turns out that one of the screws that I needed to remove was partially covered with hot glue so I did not see it.
Here are a couple photos showing the interior controller circuit board, and faceplate of the Waldorf Q Rack. The Waldorf Q Rack opens by removing most of the screws and lifting the back of the front panel. To separate the faceplate from the controller circuit board be very careful to remove all the screws holding the board in place. One screw might be hidden by hot glue so check that. If you got all the screws out, the circuit board will separate easily. I do not think you have to remove the card slot but if you do, it is held in place with two screws.


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