workshop masteren in berlin

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  1. hallo,

    weil mein englisch besser ist schreibe ich meine frage auf englisch:

    hi guys,

    i'm a dutch musician living in berlin. i'm a producer and work on a mac with ableton,a motu ultralite audiointerface and own a alesis 3630 compressor.

    i'm having trouble with mastering, wich i try doing in audacity..
    and i was wondering if there are people here on this forum, who are giving workshops and stuff in berlin.

    if a masteringengineer wants to help me, showing how to get good results with the equipment i own that would be the best thing to happen.
    for example: am i interested in sidechaining and french house compression, but also how to get space and openness in your mixes.

    just send me a me privatmessage, and tell me what your price is..

    her you can listen to my music: :idea:
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