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    15.03.2009 | XMTP is back!
    x-marks the pedwalk announces new album autumn 2009

    Sevren Ni-Arb and Raive Yarx met at Sevren´s place on March 15th to create ideas and materials for a new approach and draw the conclusion: XMTP will be back with a new album which will allready be released 2009.

    There has been an album title in Sevren´s mind for a long time, which will be the conceptional base. Sevren and Raive have begun to design and construct first contents and have discussed ideas for the musical style. First steps have already been made.

    I spent a great weekend with Raive. We started making plans for the future from the first moment never pausing on footsteps in the past. Now we are looking forward to a lot of creative work!

    Keep your eyes open for futher news and progress on www.xmtp.de and on twitter.com