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Apple – Macbook Pro w. TouchBar / TouchID – “there is no escape” – 27.10.

UPDATE – Macbook Pro 13 & 15″ – Touchbar & Touch ID, 4x USB-C

6.8 mio times faster than the first book ;)bildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-20-15-01

the new macbook pro’s – are here. 13% less volume that macbook air  – oops. 2kg 15″ maxbildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-20-14-44


interesting stuff with touch bar – sampling – djing–
touchbar tracks 10 fingers!


new small things like TV app on Apple TV, but that’s nothing more than – a directory, hub .. anyway – I don’t own a Tv so..

available now / 2-3 weeks!

now  – the Mac after 25 of Mac (Laptops)

13″ & 15″
mbp-15 mbp-13

the new function key OLED strip – TouchBarbildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-19-36-12

and touchID is in as well – behind the power button (top right)

word replacement within the strip..

sliders as well for synths and video editing

customize it..touchbar-customize

i7 4core – 3.1 gb/s SSD
faster gfx – updated.
2 fans
4 speakers
but no audio jacks – needs audio interface to listen to things – which is not so cool – even for small demos – you need an audio interface!
big touch pad
13″ is still 2core only, 15″ has 4cores.

2.699,00 € // 3199 Euro – still not cheap and never will.

for plugin-intensive Musicians: don’t buy a 13″ Macbook, it has only 2 cores and is quite expensive – makes no sense at all.

so it’s 15″ 4core or nothing / the Microsoft way..

4 USB – C – .. can be these…

it has 3 TB 3 ports.. via USB-Cbildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-19-53-50

new speaker system:4-speakers

the 13″ is 2 core..13%22-dual-core-only

fans fans

hey, this looks pro – 1 USB-C feeds a 4k screen (LG in that case – Phil says)- charges the book as well via the same cable – this is cool! 1-port-for-4k-display

try this with logic or ableton live..touchslider

ok, here’s a slider – touchpad and touchbar to be used in a DAW or synth – could be super cool. want!!
color-slider slider


the bottom line is –

we did not see any other new Macs – so expect them to silently update to more speed or being skylaked etc. – no changes – but – to me this means more or less death to the Mac Pro and Mac Mini since they are so outdated and rather uninteresting – so the MB/MBPs being the focus, the iMac follows and the rest is .. history?

but – that new MBP seems to be interesting to what software might do with that strip and stuff – here I am more positivly triggered since they also showed off things that are pretty cool like zoom overview – imagine that in our daws, synths and stuff..

the only thing I really don’t like is no audio jacks – not just that – it’s no “spontaneous connection” since you NEED an interface to do something.. well – we’ll see what will come up next since usb c might be the primary interface – and audio interface makers like RME, MOTU etc. should offer cool things with a little space to add a simple controller behind it or so..

was bisher geschah…

hier wird es ab 19:00 minütliche Updates geben und gegen 21:00 alles zu lesen sein über das, was Apple an neuer Computer Hardware zu bieten hat.

Hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung, was zu erwarten ist – alles nämlich – sie müssen viel nachholen. der jüngste Mac ist noch der iMac – alle anderen sind im Status “don’t buy” weil – veraltet. Besonders der Mac Pro, der Mini und die Pro Serie der Books, auch das Air ist schon betagt.

Diskussion dazu vorher, nachher und jetzt: 27.10. Stream – Neue Macs @ Keynote – no escape!

UPDATES DO ab 19:10 etwa..

what happened so far..

19:00 – Apple Keynote – “hello again” refers to the introduction of the first Mac Classic – it introduced itself with speech – so does Siri on the Mac and that logo is quite Mac Pro’ish – which is that old computer some Pros remember from those times in 2013 – Apple clearly gave multiple fuck you’s to the pro world in many ways – also – we had a hard time with small SSDs and RAM – aaand adapters – lots of those cables, an iPhone without audio outputs – except using that adapter again –

that Macbook will feature a row of OLED Displays as keys, the escape key has gone as well with all the function keys replaced by that strip of freely configurable touch key/display things we heard on many of those mac fan sites – as well as – there will be just 4 USB-C ports and possibly nothing more – they all feature everything – Thunderbolt (3 is expected), Power, Mini Display Port, Audio, USB 3.1 within the C-Connector – which is a reduction – imagine your audio interface on one port, a monitor on another, the power adapter on the next one and the last one is for keyboards, controllers, synths – so it may be hard to choose from – magsafe has gone on the Macbook 12″ – we expect Apple to renew all Macs – since they are all sort of outdated –

the mini had no 4core compared to the 2012 model, and.. the Macbook Air still has no retina display – so they might rethink the whole range and maybe drop the 11″ one  – note that the Air series is much faster than the MB 12″, since it has a real i7 processor and still has vents and 2 USB connectors – it is not THEEE audio machine but the MB12 is rather slow and not made for pro users at all.

ok – here’s the updates which will be updated which the keynote takes place – thursday – 19:00 (euro time)

UPDATES 19:10 (central euro time) – THURSDAY 27.10.:

—> HERE.. <– s.o.o.n.

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Mods – MS20M Key / Microsoft Surface Studio / Korg 1.11…

nette Idee – MS20M + Keys (src)

weil lohnt keinen eigenen Beitrag: Korg plant “irgendwas” – das übliche “Reizding”: Korg

und ansonsten – gleich ist Apple-Stunde, allerdings hatte Microsoft vorgelegt, zwar eher für Grafiker, aber..

interessanter PC – MS geht den Hardware-Weg – Surface Studio

the $3k iMac-like 4k touch and stylus machine looks interesting – sort of a mac mini with large touch screen added. not been said: how many cores – iMac is at 4 – so I assume same here – better gfx..

Das wird 3k€ kosten, ist optisch irgendwo zwischen Surface Pro 4 und iMac mit Touch/Stift und beweglichem Drehknopf, auch ein wenig Wacom Cintiq ist damit mit dabei/drin. MS verstärkt also deutlich den Anspruch bei Hardware mit edlen Geräten. Hat ja mit den kleinen Books nicht so schlecht geklappt. – i7, 4k Display, unsicher wie viele Kerne – der iMac hat 4, der hier vermutlich ebenso.

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save it: 2.-4.6.2017 Modular Synthesizer Meeting Happy Knobbing

save the date:

Modular Synth Meeting – Fischbach / Germany – bring your modular! 
grill – jams – meets – talks

come at 15:00 on Friday – leave on Sunday – Pentecost
Forum: check out everything – alles fragen.
jams -> saturday at 19:00
FB Event Link


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Severed Heads, Crash Course in Science – live 2016 Belgium

live at Het oude Badhuis, Antwerpen 23.11.2016 – 2 rather rare bands – in europe.

from USA, Crash Course in Science – with some tricks of the light, live Drums, a lot of live playing and Macs – they all changed their places – with cool sort of ancient sounds from some weird machines but mainly the Mac did it – very visual.. enjoyed it!

from Australia, Severed Heads – we were introduced to his companion “here’s Kylie” .. Tom Ellard laughs with us in a cool way, and 2 times a showed up again – the second time he needed a bit more and longer noises from the audience – but it finally helped – played a lot of classics incl Harold and Cindy Hospital – very different versions – with the visit.

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MFB Drum Eurorack Module

Eine ganze Serie von neuen Drum-Modulen kommt Mitte November von MFB.  Ältere Module werden teilweise neu aufgelegt, aber es gibt auch ganz neue…

Neu ist der M-Bus, eine art Turbo-MIDI mit 12facher Geschwindigkeit, die Module bekommen darüber auch Controller-Informationen aber auch die Clock. Der neue SEQ01 mag zwar aussehen wie bisher, aber auch er hat diesen neuen Bus!

Das sind / they are

  • Bass-522, Bassdrum Modul – 
  • Snare-522, Snaredrum Modul
  • Clap-522, Clap Modul
  • Cowbell/Rimshot/Maracas-522
    all with: 5 Knobs / Regler, 4 CV In.

except, außer..
• Tom/Conga/Clave-522 Modul – 6 Knobs / Regler, 5 CV In.
-> ps: dieMFB522 Drummachine ist jene, “die nachTR808” klingt.

MFB is coming with a new load of drum modules for euroracks, it’s completely new modules but also reworked ones like the SEQ01 Drum-Trigger-Sequencer – but they all got a new feature – the M_Bus which sends all knob movements, trigger and clock – so connecting them is super easy and is 12 times faster than MIDI! 


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