XILS 4 Upgrade : 2x VCS3

The EMS Emulation XILS3 got an upgrade- and it is the first one to try things that a normal VCS3 / AKS can’t do . or to be honest – which may be possible but no one has this at home – a double VCS3 that has

12 OSCs
2 filters

4 envelope generators / with repeat – loop

5 LFOs (poly)

4 outputs

some FX

this is a nice FM monster .. so if you loved “The Klinik” and those more classic early electronic guys like David Voorhaus..

XILS 4 Upgrade : Needs a XILS 3 license - Xils-Lab

the upgrade is 49€- and if you hurry up it’s 29€ (10th june) XILS 4 Upgrade : Needs a XILS 3 license – Xils-Lab.
XILS Lab3.. was the first one emulating the EMS synths from XILS.

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iVCS3 – EMS cloned

▶ iVCS3 is a simulation coming to the iPad from Densitygs who also did the granular tool iDensity. – March 2014. (14€)

im März soll die iOS App kommen, eine Simulation des EMS VCS3, mal sehen wie gut das wird, bisher gab es eher Granular-Tools .. interessante Quelle.

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Aliens-Project Korg PS3100 Audio Demos

Audio Demos by Aliens-Project of the  Korg PS3100.


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Expert Sleepers ES3 converts ADAT Lightpipe into CV

Expert Sleepers – ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface.
At least the revolution in this is – you don’t need Motu, you do not even need DC-Offset-Interfaces, just connect your AD-Converter to your modular with this, it’s 8 channels so 1 module per ADAT Port. Aaand for those who still got old Rolands and ARPs – there is 10Volts possible, so directly trigger your stuff with it.

ES-3, acrylic panel, in situ from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

looks a lot like I want one, or two..

Expert Sleepers Silent Way SMUX demo from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

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Aliens Project » Korg PS3100 Images

Aliens Project » Korg PS3100 Bilder.Nice little gallery with PS3100 Images, part of his impressive  Studio list.

Korg PS3100-06Korg PS3100-05Korg PS3100-11Korg PS3100-10

Data PS3100 at SynthDB -> PS3100 Analog Synthesizer

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Korg PS3200

Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Listing – An was baut ihr denn so?. just some gearporn @ forum.



Info – 48 Voice (1x Multi)
Korg PS3200 Analog Synthesizer (1978)
2 OSC, 2 Filter, 2 LFO, 2 EG
subtractive analog synthesis,
48 Keys, CV Gate Ctrl, Value in 2005 was 1800€ continue / weiter..?

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Korg PS3200 Jul29


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EMS Synthi being built: 40 pcs – EMS Synthi A + VCS3 werden gebaut

See Forum: Jetzt geht es los: EMS Synthi A + VCS3 werden gebaut.

After many long delays we are now expecting to re-start production of the Synthi A and VCS3 at the end of this month.
We only have enough of the original Synthi A cases for 40 units, and when these
are all used-up we intend to redesign this product. Inevitably it will change
into something a bit different, but we have every intention of continuing with a
similar portable instrument.

In contrast the wooden cabinets for the VCS3 can still be made and we currently
have 30 ready for use in production. So we are hoping to continue to make this
available in its original form for several more years.

Please note that although we are not currently offering any keyboards for sale
(KS or DK2), we are hoping to make the mechanical keyboard DK2 available again
shortly after we have restarted Synthi production. We will also be trying to re-
introduce a variant of the KS touch-keyboard sequencer in due course. As yet no
price is available for either.

Many would-be customers have been waiting for several years for production to
restart, and we have been operating a waiting list system. The waiting list for
the Synthi A is already over-subscribed by double the number of available cases.
But people are still joining in the hope that enough of the long-term waiters
will have dropped out when we re-establish contact with them. Deposits for
Synthi As are now only accepted on the understanding that there is an
increasingly slim chance that one of the last original Synthi As will be
available to purchase. The separate waiting list for VCS3s remains open.
At the moment we are quoting a notional lead-time of 18 months for Synthi As and
VCS3s, although once we start delivering completed units we should be able to be
a bit more specific. Prices are 3000.00 GBP for the Synthi A and 3200.00 for the
VCS3 (excluding VAT – if you live in the EEC).

If you want to join the waiting list we just need a deposit in the form of a
personal cheque (NOT a bank draft), made out to EMS and mailed to the above
address, for the equivalent of 150.00 GB pounds (USD or euros accepted). We will
NOT attempt to bank or cash deposit cheques and at any time you can request its
return, for example if you managed to find a used Synthi on ebay or elsewhere.
To keep track of progress you are always welcome to email for an update.

The Synthis we are making are to the original Mk2 design using the original
components. Various modifications may be also added – a list is available on
Let me know if you need any further information.

Best wishes – Robin Wood

see EMS Page,

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foniks PS3100 PCB Resonator


Korg PS3100 PCB Part. for the Resonator via Synthesizerforum flickr Group. by fonik2000

SYNTHESIZER + SEQUENCER .de + Live Electronix (Pool)

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foniks PS3100 PCB Resonator Mrz15


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Sonicstate Top20 18-20 Solina-SH101-VCS3

Well, here’s real gear TV watch positions 18-20

they are Solina, EMS VCS3 and SH101 .. hmm, if theVCS isn’t on the top10, hmm.. expect the Minimoog there, the Jupiter 8 and, hmm what?.. What would you choose?

Video / Sonicstate Link

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EMS VCS3 Sound by Aliens-Project

New EMS VCS3 Sounds by Aliens-Project – for Download

Neue Sounds von Aliens-Project vom EMS VCS3

The image “http://www.aliens-project.de/bilder/sounds/ASynth.jpg? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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EMS VCS3 Sound by Aliens-Project Jan23


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Roland S330

Screenshot by Joerg_Erren.. Rolands S-Series Samplers got a built-in Editor – very early..

(search Database -> list all ROLAND..)

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Roland S330 Nov28


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CS01 + CS30 Softsynths

Here, called Hahaha (sensible, that name?)..


the original cs30: Yamaha CS30

Forum / via:  yamaha cs30

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EMS vcs3 + Serge / Buchla

click to enlarge-klicken zum vergroessern

src: flickr

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EMS vcs3 + Serge / Buchla Nov03


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Korg PS3100 on youtube

Part 1

Part 2

what is the Korg PS3100?

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Korg PS3100 on youtube Aug06


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TI TMS320VC5502 DSP Powers KORG RADIAS 24-voices Synthesizer

interesting info about Radias and it’s DSPs.. TI TMS320VC5502 DSP Powers KORG RADIAS 24-voices Synthesizer
TI’s TMS320VC5502 16bit, fixed-point digital signal processor is based on the TMS320C55x™ DSP core


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UPDATE iOs 8.02 Update – ready

UPDATE of the update – 8.02 is finally there it fixes – everything or something. They did have no time – even for translating the Info Box, don’t try that in French, guys ;)
Diese Version soll nun die Probleme die durch die Medien gingen beseitigen. Mal schauen. Für eine Übersetzung hatten sie keine Zeit, verständlich.

Forum • iOS 8 - jetzt da! / OS X 10.95 auch
today and now – the update is ready and highly recommendable to install if you are on iOS 8 – for iPad and iPhone.

heute kam das Update was die schlimmsten Bugs von iOs 8.0 ausbügeln soll. Ob damit alles erledigt ist? Das wird sich zeigen. Bei IOs 7 war 7.11 die wirklich “gute” ..

8.01 war so – 8.01 felt like this:

UPDATE: reports tell problems of some users having no cell / mobile connection – seems like I am in luck – so next time – when a new iOS is coming – assume it is not ready before its X.11 Version..

Es sieht so aus, dass Apple keine fehlerfreien Systeme vor einer Eins hinter dem Komma mehr bringt, die rund laufen. Daher ist wohl geboten beim nächsten mal einfach ein paar Wochen später umzusteigen. iOS 6 war am Ende, iOs 7 zu Beginn und iOS 8 ebenso mit diversen Problemen behaftet, die nicht trivial waren – Ich werde ab 9.X nicht mehr empfehlen sofort umzusteigen.

Aber – iVCS3 und Impaktor und einige andere sind bereits iOS 8-fest – alles von Korg noch nicht ;(

more iOS 8 / iPhone 6

Forum: -> reine Herstellkosten iPhone 6
nd -> iOS 8 – jetzt da! / OS X 10.95 auch

ios 8.02 update


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Controller Controller..

some controllers – next upcoming by Mario Jurisch – the Waldorf Nave – and just to compare it to –  the EMS iVCS3 App controlled..

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Glitchmachines – Quadrant – Aalto inspired semimodular?

Glitchmachines’ Quadrant (renamed from “Scope“). has a lot of being inspired by Madrona Labs Mod-Concept – trying to make a simple structure effective as hell.
so this time it is a moog-coast (not buchla/serge west coast thing) – having 2×2 FM OSCs – stop – isn’t fm again more the other coast stuff? you are not getting what I try to tell? right – let’s forget about this categories-stuff –
in fact it has a lot of things in common with Aalto but tries to be more FM and less “buchla” but as flexible to have a fast patch cable system – it’s more than those shown here – seem like since there’s 26 modules .. so – this is not a fixed but an interchangeable customized “rack” that will do the noise..

so let’s keep an eye on the details – and there’s a list of module creators of the euro rack worlds envolved known for cool modules – so this is a try to make your euro rack be converted to the mac & pc
well – there is a bit more to it ..
in fact is is no less then a modular synth.

copy: features…

check their videos

love to see new modular synths coming up .. (like wusik 4000 and others)

btw way- noodles (self generating auto players) are intendent to be made with this as well.

  • Fully patchable modular sound generator and signal processor
  • Sample library with 1500+ modular SFX in 24bit/96khz .wav
  • 26 Modules ranging from Oscillators & Delays to LFOs & Mixers
  • Freely configurable module slots and signal flow
  • Tactile graphical patching system with virtual patch cables
  • Real-time animated audio analyzers and visualizers
  • 160 patches from 8 cutting-edge sound designers and artists
  • –> renamed to Quadrant 20.4.2014
  • Cross-platform compatibility (PC/Mac – VST/AU 32bit & 64bit)

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TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard – 2D Controller per key

TouchKeys Multi-Touch Musical Keyboard by Andrew McPherson is a controller overlay that allows to track the finger position on the key – the one I ever wanted. Since this is a Kickstarter project it is not yet available but you could do it..
but it’s for large Keys, not for mini sized ones (Microkorgm etc) – I wish this feature would be standard on all keyboards on the world and freely assignable. these send MIDI Controllers via USB. And it’s open source. The kits are assembled or DIY for your controller.  – they don’t offer 37 keys .. so far. But this is another cool approach – I don’t know how it feels to play those glued onto the keys, but it is what I’d like to have. there’s 3 solutions so far: Vibe Bar (a controller mounted unterneath the keyboard, so it’s not exaclty IT) and endeavour which has larger keys than normal keyboards.

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Miselu C.24 – The Music Keyboard & Cover for iPad with Ribbon Controller and modular to add more

this is a special project for a 2 Octave Workstation from Miselu, maybe you’ve read about them – they did an android based workstion some time ago

it’s a 2 Octave Keyboard made for the iPad and Cover for travel. That Keyboard has it’s own ribbon controller and buttons to change the octaves and open to add things later like adding faders, knobs etc.
there are 32 LED already in for anything to be fed back, maybe as a sequencer? octave setting, etc.
so it is in fact modular to add more in the future. they do it at Kickstarter to make a certain amount of them at  a reasonable price.

C.24 – The Music Keyboard for iPad by Miselu — Kickstarter.

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An Inaudible Hum: Source of…random clicks

for the lovers of Buchla Modules –  I had this page open for 2 weeks so it must be posted – I’d love one of these .. triggering envelopes and stuff..

An Inaudible Hum: Noise & the Tyranny of Form: THIS IS HOW WE DEFORM: SPUTNIK West Coast Random Source.

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RSF SD140 drum machine

Remember the Kobol Synthesizer line from RSF?
they built a drum machine that looks a lot like the RX series Yamaha incl. those nice green DX7-type soft touch buttons. here’s my trigger why I found it -> DMX Krew

rsf sd140 drum machine

pic src: source: Audiofanzine.

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Jen Syntar , SX2000 & Multivox FX

Jen Syntar , GS3000 Analog Synthesizer

Jen Syntar , GS3000 synthesizer

and  Jen SX2000 (built 1981) – Analog Synthesizer

Jen SX2000 synthesizer

are new to the synth database. Thanks to Patroche & Studio Dreadful (link) for providing the images.
and note those GRP synths are also from italy – so it’s not over. Updated the GRP A4 image as well..

 & Pulser – also italian with help of a us based guy – don’t know exactly – FX are quite inspired from Roland – as most Multivox and Pulser Synth also did .. just built or – inspired by/like the Roland tape based effects. the time of cloning those -

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2 Projects introduced – Raspberry Pi running Pure Data / Parallella for audio multi threaded/core operation – platform

This is the small raspberry PI Computer, which is nerdy as hell, but a very nice chance to get even a synth to work with this project – didn’t know it was fast enough so – here’s a demo of it

strange, that guy wrote on his Remote XL instead of using the display, but he’s more clever than I am, since he knows how to handle this:

first session with the Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. I’m running Pd 0.44 (test version) with “-nogui -noadc -alsa” flags + a budget USB audio device, and a Novation ReMOTE ZeroSL as the midi device. Raspberry Pi OS is Raspbian “wheezy.” Note, I’m running from the command line, not from inside the X window system (performance with GUI seems more likely to glitch, at least with my first tests). I did not try headphone jack for audio given initial reports were not good (and presently I’m unable to test HDMI audio).

Pd 0.44 here: pure-data.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb-index.cgi

I used notes from Miller Puckette sent to the Pd-list (check September 8 & 9, 2012) and some info. fromlog.liminastudio.com/programming/running-puredata-on-the-raspberry-pi to get things going.

DR-OM Pd patch from protoDROM version (Processing+ libPd) available at github.com/s3g/protodrom

DR-OM code for Fluxama iOS app: github.com/fluxama/Drom
DR-OM ready-to-go for iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/dr-om/id555409573?mt=8

as you see he’s working on it on a low level (command line) which is hell to do but seems to work, so it seems to be needed to gain enough power from the PI to operate and work glitch free. 

Raspberry Pi running Pure Data w/ DR-OM patch from Shawn Greenlee on Vimeo.


btw: did you have a look at this nice idea of multiple core computing?http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ada … r-everyone

it tells about a very interesting (for developers and everyone interested – a new platform to work on including AUDIO) called Parallella which seems to also be capable to have multiple processors sharing audio latency free or multithreaded to those cores – you may know, that this is not as simple with AU/VST on any OS today, so these guys are doing a cool job.

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Analog Hardware vs. Alva Noto – Clicks and Cuts on analogue synths?

Forum • Analoge Hardware vs. Alva Noto.some1 asked about this track, and I found it worth to post for both aspects – the musical and the analog nature of the whole track – of course it is Clicks’n’Cuts if you ask for a genre.


my advice would be: fast envelopes and PW symmetry settings to the extreme, I am using Ringmod and FM for the rest of those sounds – I’d say it could be nice on a moog modular or CS30 to just tell 2 synths – the important thing on the CS30 is – it has everything important and needed for this kind of genre – fffast envelopes, 3 of them! you can mod 2 resonant filters for more alien insect kind of sounds and it has FM and Ringmodulation as well as a nice routing –

mein Vorschlag, wie man dies mit Analogen machen könnte sind die im Forum, habe ähnliche Ergebnisse mit dem Yamaha CS30 oder Moog Modular erzeugen können, es gibt sicher noch mehr…

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Roland Kuit SoundLab II book of patching: Nord Modular / G2

Roland Kuit SoundLab II Mr Kuit is one of three very very talented modular gurus (the other 2 being Rob Hordijk and Tim Kleinert) – they all do very deep work and really go beyond the limits of the synth, in this case of course the Clavia Modular series which is unfortunately no longer available atm, but we all hope for a G3 sample-able synth since they got a sample engine and the cool G2 which must not be changed that much to still be cool – of course it’s nerdy but… well, this is part 1! so be aware to learn something!

well, why I tell you this? because he wrote a book, Roland Kuit. This may be a book even I may go for and I think I already have one! so why buy another boook? huh?

and here’s some patches on his site, so you won’t buy anything you may think you don’t know what’s it all about, all chapters are mentioned…

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Warning: file_exists() [
Roland Kuit SoundLab II book of patching: Nord Modular / G2 Mai18


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Gearprøn episode 3487474576

just something to look at and thing of — nothing at all. relax.

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Expert Sleepers ES5 light pipe audio to analog CV Interface – 8 more CV’s – extension (!)

Expansion-Module for Expert Sleepers ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface – Expert Sleepers ES-5 –  ever thought it’s not enough? the es3 has 8 output, that’s not bad, but you can add more outputs that are “fed” via the main es3 – a cool idea.

Forum • Expert Sleepers ES-5.

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Studiologic Sledge Synthesizer – Blofeld with Knobs? by Studiologic + Waldorf

Studiologic Sledge Synthesizer. a knobbed Blofeld Digital Synthesizer?

basically just comb filter tweaked in here / nothing special:

some knobs – just “view” on the NAMM-kind of video..

googlish (italian in original) – the Specs:

• 32 • 3 potentiometers rotary switches “chicken head” (7 positions) • 1 rotary encoder with button function • Backlit LCD screen with 2 x 16 characters • Pitch and Mod Wheel • Up to 256 high quality sounds • Selecting sounds fast and effective on the numeric keypad • 2 fast LFOs per voice, each with Speed ​​and Depth controls • 1 extra modulation routing for the Mod Wheel, with selectable speed and depth – Waveforms: sawtooth, square, triangle, sine , sample & hold, ramp – Destinations: Osc 1, Osc2, OCS3, PWM / Wave / FM, volume, filter cutoff • mono mode with single or multiple trigger • 3 oscillators per voice – range from 64 ‘to 1′ for each – Waveforms: sawtooth, square, triangle, sine, pulse (with Pulse Width Modulation) – wavetable oscillator 1 with 66 of the original PPG • Frequency Modulation for sine wave and triangular Hardsync • Oscillator (Osc 2 in Osc 3) • Noise generator with selectable white noise or pink noise • Mixer with Volume and on / off switch for each oscillator and the noise generator • 1 Multi Mode Filter for each voice – 24 / 12dB – Low Pass – High Pass – Band Pass – Resonance up to self-oscillation and reaches beyond – Keytrack editable and Drive • 2 envelopes fast for each item (filter / amplifier) ​​• Powerful Arpeggiator – Latch mode – Synchronize the Word Clock – Directions: Up , Down, Alternate – Range up to 10 octaves • 2 effects available simultaneously: – Effect 1: Chorus / Phaser / Flanger – 2 Effect: Reverb / Delay Chasse • rugged and lightweight (less than 10 kg) • Keyboard Fatar TP9 to 5 octaves high quality • Master Volume Control 
• Power switch • Line Output • Stereo headphone output • Input for expression pedal • MIDI input and output • USB connection for MIDI in / out – use the standard USB MIDI driver provided by the operating system Computer – Windows Requirements: Windows ME, Windows XP or later – Mac Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.3 or later • Integrated power supply

as said – this looks like a repackaging of the Blofeld and that’s not bad since it has knobs – and it’s most likely it will do the same things incl. samples and manipulating wavetables via that special editor. hope so.
hmm, chicken head switches? – anyway – it’s a what it is.


Forum: Studiologic Sledge & viewtopic.php?f=47&t=64156&start=175#p671661

at the booth..

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Autechre’s “lost” debut reissued – FACT magazine: music and art

just found this on g+ (my account is back) – Autechre’s “lost” debut reissued – FACT magazine: music and art. – so I guess some of us may be interested if that EP is actually worth it – and – now it’s available again.  – Incanabula is one of the closest comparisons – so find it an interesting ambient electronica album to check out, right?

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