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Expert Sleepers ES3 converts ADAT Lightpipe into CV

Expert Sleepers – ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface. At least the revolution in this is – you don’t need Motu, you do not even need DC-Offset-Interfaces, just connect your AD-Converter to your modular with this, it’s 8 channels so 1 module per ADAT Port. Aaand for those who still got old Rolands and ARPs – there is … Continue reading Expert Sleepers ES3 converts ADAT Lightpipe into CV

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Korg PS3200

Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Listing – An was baut ihr denn so?. just some gearporn @ forum. Info – 48 Voice (1x Multi) Korg PS3200 Analog Synthesizer (1978) 2 OSC, 2 Filter, 2 LFO, 2 EG subtractive analog synthesis, 48 Keys, CV Gate Ctrl, Value in 2005 was 1800€ continue / weiter..?

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