XILS 4 Upgrade : 2x VCS3

The EMS Emulation XILS3 got an upgrade- and it is the first one to try things that a normal VCS3 / AKS can’t do . or to be honest – which may be possible but no one has this at home – a double VCS3 that has

12 OSCs
2 filters

4 envelope generators / with repeat – loop

5 LFOs (poly)

4 outputs

some FX

this is a nice FM monster .. so if you loved „The Klinik“ and those more classic early electronic guys like David Voorhaus..

XILS 4 Upgrade : Needs a XILS 3 license - Xils-Lab

the upgrade is 49€- and if you hurry up it’s 29€ (10th june) XILS 4 Upgrade : Needs a XILS 3 license – Xils-Lab.
XILS Lab3.. was the first one emulating the EMS synths from XILS.

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