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Xils-Lab announces XILS Vocoder 5000

Xils-Lab announces XILS Vocoder 5000 /  EMS  Emulation
to be released on 17.12.2014 – the EMS Vocoder 5000 as software for Macs and PCs.

added some comments to quotes – XIls Lab are the ones that did the EMS VCS Emulation with double feature – and it’s Xavier Oudin, former Arturia.

  • Authentic emulation of the most complex Analog Vocoder ever produced – maybe the digital/soft Vocoder by NI Vokator was the most complex seen so far..?

  • Organic and realistic sound with clear and understandable Vocoding – rearranging the bands..

  • Hundreds of midi automatable parameters 

  • Frequency Bands Pin Matrix, genuine analog oscillators, 0df Filters, Pitch Shifter

  • The true sound of analog Vocoders, and much more

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