Front 242 + Steril @ Kulttempel Oberhausen 6.12.2014

Just some Images <4U>
I was asking for live images here instead of FB – and some said yes, so they will be here as well

Patrick C. was hard to „shoot“ in the dark behind his Roland Juno Di and Ableton – and this is just a simple phone –
behind everything -as always- is Daniel B. who also had a little Korg R3 Synth with Audio connected to his workbench, a digital mixer and eventide stomp box.almost Roland’ish (for quite a while). Btw. they came down with masks as a first impression. Also quite impressive when they aligned at the back line. Ah – I must mention they got rid of FM sounds – even the No Comment stuff „Commando Mix“ etc. did not sound anything like FM/DX – which was a major typical element of F242’s music (this tour is marked „vintage“) – maybe it’s that easy: Roland got no FM synth exept the VSynth – and the System 1 which may be too new. but 242 may miss dynamics a lot when they get one but may be easily do all the underviewer and geography stuff in no time)
The second synth is a Gaia for Richard (and Jean Luc) to stop by here and there. good show and very cool after show party by Sandra & Calle Wieners that really did it.
with them was Steril who had the chance to play at full volume which is not always the case – so we have to thank both F242 the guys behind this. Here’s some images.

Front 242



Eine würdige Aftershow-Party folgte nach dem Konzert von Front 242 unnd Steril im Vorprogramm. -> 06.12.2014 Oberhausen, FRONT 242 + STERIL

I just love this (remember telex as well)

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