Front 242 + Steril @ Kulttempel Oberhausen 6.12.2014

Just some Images <4U> I was asking for live images here instead of FB – and some said yes, so they will be here as well Patrick C. was hard to „shoot“ in the dark behind his Roland Juno Di and Ableton – and this is just a simple phone – behind everything -as always- is Daniel B. who also had a little Korg R3 Synth with Audio connected to his workbench, a digital mixer and eventide stomp box.almost Roland’ish (for quite a while). Btw. they came down with masks…

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Nothing but Noise – new Project by Front 242 members

Nothing But Noise, the new musical project from Front242s mastermind Daniel Bressanutti, Dirk Bergen (ex Front 242) and Erwin Jadot will do a couple of live concert to promote the upcoming album release „Not Bleeding Red“ (exptected to be released in Feb 2012). Daniel, Dirk and Erwin have created special versions of the songs for the live show to give the live performance some extra panache. :o) For the live concerts, NBN will be using 1x Access Virus TI2, 2x Access Virus TI Polar’s, 1x Dave Smith Instruments Prophet ’08,…

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YouTube – Front 242 – Geometry for ears promo trailer

YouTube – Front 242 – Geometry for ears promo trailer. Front 242 members Daniel B. (Daniel Bressanutti) and Patrick C. (Patrick Codenys) plan a new surround sound project called „Geometry for the ears“, as part of an art project called „Jeux De Massacre“… Also check out for more details (look for the „Jeux De Massacre“ or „Geometry for the ears“ there) about this thing, that’s the site of the art museum that’s hosting the event.

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