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Video: Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2015, Germany – Walkthrough & Podcast (deutsch)

Modular Synthesizer Meeting @ Fischbach Germany.
here’s the official video of this years gathering of synthesiser nerds.
(22 – 24. May . 2015)
see you next Pentecost / same place. bring your modular synth. We plan to have 4 Channel Audio there in 2016! (it’s the 10 Anniversary)
some Impression (Image Collection Part 1 /// 2)

Little Jam @ Happy Knobbing 2015 (TTSH / System 100m envolved)

-> Der Podcast zum Modular Meeting (in Deutsch, 30 min)

–> Images / Bilder Pt. 1 / Pt. 2

Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2015 Part 2

Second part of the Modular Synthesizer Meeting Happy Knobbing 2015, Germany
-> Video & Podcast 

see new synths here, DIYers and fun, jams and stuff..
(first part / reminder & flyer)

Brain Controlled Modular Synth, new stuff by Anyware to Klangfeld, Modular Editor and new Roland synths, Orgon Converter (yeah!), Fischertechnik, and a lot of cable, gears…

Der zweite Teil – meine Sicht auf das HK2015 – erster Teil ist hier

Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2015 Part 1

Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting, Germany
– here’s a lot of images – Batch One
(with first showcase of the Anyware Instruments Moodulator)

  • Ein paar Bilder vom Modular Synth Meeting in der Weltmetropole Fischbach in Fischen an der Fische.  Teil 1.

-> next meeting: 13-15.5.2016 – same location.

– Video & Podcast
– Part 2 – next posting-

(pics / thx : via Bernie)


  • Bilder von Torsten Abel / find another set by TMA (FB)

22-24.5.2015 Modular Synthesizer Meeting, Germany – // reminder: Happy Knobbing – Anyware Instruments Moodulator – showcase

bringe deinen Modularsynthesizer mit – Bring your Modular !!

Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2015, Germany
Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2015, Germany

wird spannend, tolle Leute werden kommen!
put your modular in your overloaded car.

…and a new analog synth from

Anyware-Instruments called the Moodulator (not Moogulator!)
first cell phone images from first day evening – more coming soon
anyware moodulator

  • 2 VCOs
  • 2 SUBOSCs
  • Audio Speed LFO
  • 3 EG’s find controls of the smaller AD at bottom right
  • Filter-FM / Ringmodulator
  • White / Pink Noise
  • huuuge sound!
  • MIDI & CV control
    tech block diagram
  • –> also…
  • Roland System 1m and JD Xa and Modules showcase and a lot of
  • more DIY and semi-DIY stuff..
    it was totally wired fun!
    -> High Resolution Images (2 Batches) are here

Happy Knobbing 2014 Jams + Workshop – Modular Meeting Germany

after the gear overview and some images there’s also one showing the jams of most of us – at the Meeting:
next one will be at pentecost 22.-24.5.2015 – so just get set and mark something in your calendar..

so, und jetzt die Jams, nach all dem Hardwareschlacht-Video und Foto Zeug nun auch ein bisschen von den Jams.
Alles weitere dazu im Forum oder der offiziellen Site hier auf Sequencer.de

Workshops & Jams


       HK2014 jams – Happy Knobbing 2014 Modular Meeting Jams


Happy Knobbing 2014 Modular Synthesizer Meeting Video Overview

The Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2014 video impression is ready now.

Next meeting at pentecost 2015

Images are here and first impression was here – anything about the meeting can be found here

Ja – hier ist endlich die Übersicht über alles, was an Synths auf dem Meeting zu finden und sehen war – Es gibt dazu noch Bilder hier und Generelles dazu hier und noch mehr Links zu allem inkl. Forenbeitrag dazu für Fragen.  Die Jams dazu findest du bald auch hier (3 Beiträge weiter oben).