Portrait: 3lab – music / LFO-ONE

LFO-ONE has just posted his online audio tracks.. it’s sort IDM with several influences like „abstract“ shows (the track) nicely…
LINK: 3lab® | label | music | records | graphic- & webdesign | vjing | events | merchandise & more

gear (yes!):

Virus b OS4.01||Sps1 Elektron||Yamaha Cs6x||Mam MB 33-2||Zoom-studio1201||Quasimidi-Polymorph||Boss Vt-1||event tr8 ||||schlappy (laptop) 1,6 centrino||Waldorf Microwave XT||Evolver Dave Smith||AN1x Yamaha||R||Spectralis||rme multiface||Jomox X-Base||Moog Prodigy Modularsystem mit 64 modulen/with 64 modules from.. von dirk lindhof

Cubase SX 20.1||Reaktor5 NI||Waldorf PPg||Waldorf Attack||Battery||Virsyn

looks like there are some acts still using modular systems on stage and even in clubs (!)..

and even more here: http://www.lfo-one.de

again part of „your tracks + studio“ portraits

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