Access Virus OS5 adds 2 more envelopes and filter stuff (variable slopes)

Access adds 2 more envelopes to their studio standard  Access Virus TI2, Polar 2Dark Star (built 2009/05) synths, so it has 4 envelopes now like the Korg Radias and other competitors – well well awaited. as well there are some filters added to the effects section (so it’s NOT the filter section meant here) – there’s variable slope filters and all pass filters as well which is cool for pads.

in Deutsch – im Forum: Virus TI OS 5 – 2 zusätzliche Hüllkurven (4 insgesamt) jetzt ab TI OS5 und jede Menge Filter Modes über die Effekte. Darunter offenbar auch ein Allpass für interessante Flächen und Typen mit variabler Flankensteilheit.

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