Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth

Arturias new Mini Brute Analog Synthesizer

more musical video approch from the EM project Node

Multimode Filter (Steiner Parker),
1 OSC with SubOSC,
2 LFOs,  0,1 Hz to 100 Hz

special “Ultrasaw” and “metallic” settings called Metalizer
2 ADSR envelopes

25 dyn keyboard with aftertouch
USB MIDI, MIDI in / out (no thru)

Arpeggiator possibly sooner or later with Pro-One kind of Mini Sequencer

” Note that the Arpeggiator can also be used as a basic sequencer. In the Hold mode, you press and hold the first key of the sequence, then you just enter the other notes by pressing the corresponding keys while still holding the first note of the sequence, during this process you can change the octave range of the keyboard between entering the notes therefore you are not limited to two octaves for the sequence. You can sequence a maximum of 12 notes. Unfortunatly once playing the sequence it cannot be transposed by the keyboard because pressing a new key resets the sequence.”

this is not sure to be in the software – so keep this as “things that might happen” – just to quote Tomeso, german distribution

UPDATE: official info: available in APRIL 2012

Links & PDFs Arturia NAMM 2012 – da kommt was völlig Neues!


UPDATE: Videos

another Video / ein weiteres Video in Deutsch – vorn “Talk”, ab 2:12 Sound

one more thing.. from the NAMM