Bilinear Keyboard

posted to our Synthesizer-Magazin myspace account, looks very strange, but in fact it just enhances the Key Number like this..

In fact a lot of new scales came up overtime and disappeared. why? the ppl still use the chromatic 12-tone system, do you want to challenge the „normal“ and try to perfom on one of these?

Is this instrument something that would interest you? 

The Bilinear Chromatic Keyboard is still in the developmental stages, so any comments would be much appreciated. Here’s their Myspace account

where you can post some ideas to them, possibly this could have the better chance because it does not try to revolutionize the keyboard as a whole but adds things, my suggestion is to make the keys work as controllers depending on where your finger is located on the key to add polycontrollers like polypressure to it without having to lift off hands, whats your idea on this? hmm, just try to find C on this one?


 just add some dots on the keys?..


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