Clavia Modular Converter: G2ools NM1 to G2

Clavia Modular Converter: G2ools NM1 to G2

converts old Nord Modular ( Clavia NordModular, NordModularRack)
to G2 Clavia NordModularG2, g2x, G2engine.. not bad.

go here:…

A couple of things to keep in mind:
1. You need to install python for your system (
2. You need to run ./ from the directory it’s installed.

g2ools: (Clavia) NM1 zu G2 Konverter – Konvertiert „alte“ Nord Modular Patches in G2 Patches.

Clavia NordModular NordModularRack synthesizer –>  Clavia NordModularG2 g2x G2engine synthesizer

btw: clavia make another new organish looking instrument (nord elektro with 2 keyboards or organ kind of thing..)  – but well, no G3 or NordLead4..

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