Creamware Prodyssey ASB Synthesizer

new Synthesizer out at Creamware.. look familiar? yes! it is a an ARP Odyssey II with 12 voices..
Creamware Prodyssey ASB Synthesizer

creamware prodyssey synthesizer

Creamwares neuester Zugang Messe 2006 und natürlich Emulation im Sinne der ASB Reihe des ARP Odyssey II (schwarzes Gehäuse, goldener Rand), also die Modelle mit dem 24 dB / Okt. ARP Filter. Alle ASB Geräte haben USB und können via Software editiert werden. Besonderheit ist der Minimoog Filtermode (Minimax) und 12Stimmigkeit

this is new for Musikmesse 2006 – Emulation of the ARP Odyssey (II, the black one with golden lettering – the 24 dB/Oct. Filter modell – so they chose the best sounding model), all ASB (authentic sound box) series synths are usb controlled (software). but it also works standalone. alternatively minimax (minimoog) filter mode and 12 voices. more see tech. the pic was given to me exclusively as the first pic internationally available (thanks for the pic)..
so sooner or later other sites might put it up, too..

since this is a good time to do: stealing pics without backlinks is considered stealing and charges as said in the disclaimer is NOT free of charge then.. you are free to use it if you link back to

ASB Series? type ASB into the db and click search, here they are..! (organs to not appear in the dB , but all synths!)
atm they are minimax, pro12, system1200 and prodyssey.

hint: as always clicking on the database pic allows to see a very large pic of the prodyssey.. ;)

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