Cwejman Module

Cwejman bringt neue Module raus, Analoguehaven schreibt – News from Cwejman (New Modules):

„19“ rack with TR-100W transformer box
INS-2MX „Dual Insert Voltage Controlled Amplifier“
MX-4S „Four channel VC Stereo Mixer“ (wow Smile )
NS-4 „Four Output VC noise generator“
RES-4 „Quad VC Resonator“
VCEQ-4 „4 band version of the VC parametric EQ“
VCA-4MX „Quad VC Amplifier“

He is also working on the following for the future (these probably
will not be at Musikmesse):
ATT-4 „Quad Attenuator“
Rev7 „VC Reverb processor“
MC-V8 „8-voice midi controller“ for midi-cv/gate with dynamics“

Forum:  Neues von Cwejman + Macbeth

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