dvdborn: Oberheim OB8k

look at this, never seen a pic but rumours about what it can do.. here is one by DVD born.. (I recently told you about them/him).. dvdborn

Oberheim Ob8k
do not confuse this with the ob8..

want more synth, that never went into real production .. einige Synthesizer, die es nie geschafft haben.. Forum..

it is basically a Matrix1000 , but expanded, it has 8 voices (or better say it had?), was shown on NAMM 1989, it had also some Masterkey functions possibly like the Xk, which has a nice Arper with random mode (I had one, those days..), it is multitimbral also.. its price was about that of 2 M1000s,..
let me guess: people wanted more control and went for the m1000 if they like presets.. other still bought the matrix6 or ..got a digital one. 1989 was the revival of the analog synths, but I don’t know if Oberheim knew about. Anyone knows what Tom Oberheim does today?

they/he has also up: an Akai Synth that had 32 Amp and 32 Pitch Envs, an additive Synth HS1000 from 1988, since linking the pics is not allowed / possible for the blog I simply post it here.. so please check dvdborn directly..

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