Electrify virtual Groovebox for Apple iPad

Upcoming Electribe-kind of Groovebox for the iPad coming..

* 8-track sequencer with individual track lengths
* 2 chainable effect buses with 8 different effects (more to come soon)
* direct access to the track’s main parameters
* Easy to use step sequencer
* 6 parameters editable per step
* Professional Sample Library comprising more than 600 high quality samples provided by Mutekki Media.

Don’t know if uploadable by user (own sounds) possible..

80MB, 12€ looks like a fair price, tho‘

ELECTRIFY: the virtual Groovebox for your iPad.

Not so musical demo, but may show how it works, this time it is sample-based and therefore lot more like an electribe, but bit reduced, see no „roll“ function (fill/flam) in here, but for sure better quality compared to the 32kHz Tribe s ;)


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