Euro Rack Module by Harvestman

Video:  Youtube-Demo

Strange and interesting Modules, mostly digital ones in Euro Rack (Doepfer) Format can be seen on the Harvestman site.

the site says:

current production:

model 2012 „malgorithm“,
bit depth/sample rate reducer [nov 2006] Youtube-Demo

model 1986 „zorlon cannon“
pitched noise and gates [feb 2007]

coming soon:

model 9791 „hertz donut“
digital oscillator [2007]

model 1973 „tyme sefari“
loop sampler / audio buffer [2007]

roadmap (not read yet):

– model 1873 „bionic lester“
ill-behaved hybrid signal filter [2007]

– model 1963 „transcontiental rails“
buchla signal adaptor [2007]

– model 1991 „piston honda“
digital wavetable oscillator [2008]

afterwards: advanced signal processors and function generators.

via forum: Noch ein Eurorack Modular-Hersteller: The Harvestman

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