FBT synthesizer + Synthesizer Kataloge als PDF

Matrix postete das: 10/04/2006 10:45:00 AM


Italienisches Unikat, so scheint es.. 1973

Ich zitiere mal von Matrix:

Updates via Mikael in the comments:
“Very nice looking synth indeed. The model Synther 2000 was introduced in 1973 and made by the Italian company FBT Elettronica s.p.a.(Fabrizio Baldoni Tanoni)of Recanati. FBT also came out with a Synther 4000 and as far as I know it had even more features. FBT made at least one combo-organ model way back in the ’60s. I’ve got a pic somewhere but can’t find it at the moment.?

Dann noch: einige Synthesizer-Kataloge von Roland, Korg, Yamaha als PDF Scan finden sich hier und das Minitron, eine Art Mellotron -> Minitron

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