Hard Mod – Semimodular Synthesizer (Spring Reverb, 2 OSCs, 2 Filter, Multi LFO)

Hard Mod Synth – $1.6k – Semimodular – 2 VCOs, 2 Filter (24/12dB – LPF / Steiner-Parker Multimode), S&H, LFO 5 mixable Waveforms & PWM, OSCS: sync, PWM, FM – Federhall / Spring Reverb. ADSR/AD,  Aus Spanien. und in einem schönen Transportcase. Die Spirale kann man prima direkt „spielen“ und bearbeiten.

in Case – nice metal look. seems worth the money.
there is only an account on FB if you want one. Synth from Spain.

not the first one by hard mod – but still without an individual name.

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