Harvestman & MakeNoise Dual Prismatic Osc / Echophone / Bionic Lester

2 more modules spotted on NAMM from Make Noise and Harvestman, both known for interesting modules – Harvestman is analog this time! – but first the Make Noise one:

it’s a syncable dual oscillator

and Harvestman has a new (analog) filter called Bionic Lester – bitcruher-filter combination in sonic result. lpf and bpf outputs and also has all passes which are interesting (you may know the Oberheim Xpander / Matrix 12 APF filter combinations) – listen: – there’s a a new Tyme Safari mk3 in here, 4-16 bit capable oscillator – as you can see – translucent orange design – ready in spring/autumn:

WNAMM12: MakeNoise New Modules, Dual Prismatic Osc and Echophone (Video) -Sonicstate.com.

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