KORG Legacy Collection DIGITAL emulates M1

This is the second Legacy collection , it offers the Korg Wavestation and M1 (compared to the anlaog collection which still emulates the MS20, Polysix and Wavestation) they both contain the legacy cell (FX and combinations).

unfortunately the little ms20 controller will disappear , at least in germany..
I doubt the M1 will meat the interest that the fine controller had.. well: you do not need a controller then, but it was a big PRO argument for the little ms20 emulationo ,even if it does not exaclty sound like one, it is nice.. it was! I hope korg will re-issue the controller, maybe with joytick to control the wavestation also.. maybe as a standalone machine, that would be PERFECT.. I would take one of those..

KORG Legacy Collection√جΩ≈KORG INC.

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