Kyma Capybara will be faster and new and it’s name is Pacarana

There will be two new products: the Pacarana and the Paca sound computation engines. Both the Pacarana and the Paca are named for animals smaller than the Capybara and either can serve as a smaller-yet-more-powerful replacement for the Capybara-320 in a Kyma sound design workstation. Each of these new platforms connects to your computer via FireWire 800 (we can supply an 800-400 cable if your computer has a FW 400 port). The new devices use external FireWire or USB audio converters and they can also use the Capybara-320 converters through the Flame FireWire interface.

Kyma X continues to work exactly as before.
Millimeters             Inches
Pacarana        357 X 249 X 45          14 X 10 X 1.77
Paca            281 X 249 X 45          11 X 10 X 1.77

The flagship Pacarana is 50% more powerful than a fully-loaded Capybara-320 for far less than half the price.  The entry-level Paca is $500 less than the price of a Basic Capybara-320, but the Paca is 5 times more powerful.  The new machines are more compact and do not require expansion cards.

The Paca and Pacarana sound engines provide more computing power in a smaller package for less money. Pacas and Pacaranas are easier to take on stage for live performances, to bring along on tours, to move from your personal studio to a sound stage, to transport between work and home or to move from one studio to another.

What’s next
We are currently accepting orders for the new machines and will begin shipping on December 1st.  (If you were to decide to place an order in advance, we would not charge your credit card until the day we actually ship the system to you. Ordering in advance is simply a way to reserve a system and to reserve an early position in the queue).

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