Lassence µVentury II

I never had one or had the chance to check one out.. seems the company is already dead, uhm no.. the modular is no longer available.. but the company is still alive.. (
here’s an SOS article.. Lassence µVentury II

lassence modular

sorry, you won’t find one here. I really only know it from pictures.. but I have one, I am sooo silly – I did not listen that time..

leider kann ich nicht viel über ihn sagen, kenne ihn ja nur von bildern.. aber ich denke er hat wenigstens hier im newssystem einen platz verdient. hab aber ein eigenes bild.

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  1. […] after a long rollout of almost analog or hybrid synths – there is also digital ones still on the move – upcoming DSP synth NF1 from Belgium – motherland of EBM and the µVentury or EEF. […]

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